Curtis Berlinguette

Professor, University of British Columbia

Role: Scientist

Site: CDL-Toronto

Streams: Matter, Prime

Prof. Berlinguette is a CIFAR Director, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Professor of Chemistry and Chemical & Biological Engineering and Principal Investigator at the Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute at the University of British Columbia. He is also the CEO of Click Materials, a CDL alumni company commercializing smart windows for the smart home. Dr. Berlinguette completed his PhD in Inorganic Chemistry at Texas A&M University and postdoctoral studies at Harvard University. His expertise lies in accelerating the discovery and deployment of clean energy technologies, including CO2 utilization technologies and smart windows.

Prof. Berlinguette has been recognized with several awards, including an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship and an NSERC E.W.R. Steacie Memorial Fellowship. When Dr. Berlinguette is not on campus, you can likely find him cycling up or snowboarding down the local coastal mountains.