JP James

Chairman & Lead Investor, Hive Financial Systems

Role: Associate

Sites: CDL-Atlanta, CDL-Paris, CDL-Toronto

Streams: Commerce, Space

Over the past decades, James has helped start, acquire, restructure, and scale stagnant ventures in their management strategy, business process automation, technology automation, and capital solutions. Having built ventures from startup to hundreds of millions in valuation. He owns, invests, and advises fast growth ventures.

Author & Lecturer:
Co-Authored “Data Analytics: Effective Methods for Presenting Results” with Dr. Satish Nargundkar
10 years of Lecturing on Quantitative Computational Finance at Georgia Tech’s School of Industrial Engineering
6 years of Lecturing on Big Data, Analytics, Statistics, Actuarial Science at Georgia State’s Masters Of Business
James has also taught and helped implement Agent Based Modeling, machine learning – reinforcement learning algorithms and back propagation algorithms including polynomial regressions, and deep learning models specifically, Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) with Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM), and base Quantum computing algorithms in the financial services industries.

Founder & Chairman, Hive Financial Systems, LLC:
James invested and helped scale Hive Financial Systems, a financial technology company, providing technology to a portfolio of closely held consumer lenders.

Grew almost 8000% in revenue since 2017, in less than 30 months as of the start of 2020, as one of fastest growing companies in the world

Designed and built an end to end financial automation software including marketing, underwriting, loan management and analytics architecture with capital from multiple VCs and balance sheet financing from several institutional lenders for its closely held portfolio of lenders.

Co-Author of Two patents filed on System for Processing Loans using Machine Learning and Identifying and Processing Data impacting Enterprise Valuation

Chairman of the Board, Libreum International LLC:
Scaled Libreum International into a multi-national conglomerate stretching with multiple global offices and hundreds of employees serving advisory capacities for Capital Markets, IT / Software Development, Accounting & Bookkeeping Services, and Operational Consulting. With over 150 clients spanning 15 years in industries as diverse as FinTech, Financial Services, Medical Devices, B2B SaaS applications, Tech Enabled ventures in Manufacturing, Logistics, Restaurants, and Apparel.

Former Partner & Shareholder, Lending Science DM Inc:
James restructured Lending Science DM, and grew the company over 750% in revenue in 18 months to a mid-market valuation growth of over 1000%, completed two strategic acquisitions, and structured finance with commercial financing in the transaction. Here he managed the strategy, hiring, financial strategy, business process automation, acquisition of two companies and provided financing for the potential acquisition of two others, built out the analytics team, marketing team and strategy, and scaling the sales force and operations all of which were non-existent prior to coming on board.

Founder, Libreum Capital Management:
Libreum was a multi-strategy manager of managers and fund of funds hedge fund focused on the applications of risk management utilizing agent-based modeling understanding bottom up position risk.

Built fund and partners and classmates at Georgia Tech

Partnered and brought in traders in commodities, forex, energy trading, fixed income, merger arb, convertible arb, long-short equities, and quant strategies

Trade desks in Chicago, NYC, and South Korea

Sales and administration in Atlanta, West Palm Beach, Mumbai, Taipei, London

Computer Science, Management, and Entrepreneurship Certificate at Georgia Institute of Technology

Family & Non-Profit Activity:
Wife Mary, and 4 daughters, Evelyn, Nora, Alaina, and Leanna
TiE Atlanta President 2020-2021
TiE Atlanta Angels, Co-Founder & Chair – $4.3MM deployed in 2.5 years in early stage ventures
Board Member of Atlanta Police Foundation, 21 Century Leaders, Buckhead Club, ARC (Association for the Recovery of Children), Himalayan Children’s Charity
Active National Member of BENS, Business Executives for National Security
Has taught Sunday school at Buckhead Church for the last 7 years.