Nicole Junkermann

Founder, NJF Holdings

Role: Fellow

Site: CDL-Montreal

Stream: Artificial Intelligence

Nicole is an international entrepreneur and investor, and founder of NJF Holdings, an investment company with interests in venture capital, private equity, and real estate.

Through the company’s venture capital arm (NJF Capital), Nicole oversees an investment portfolio across Europe and the US similar in size to a small venture capital fund.

Nicole brings a different perspective to her investments by having experience sitting on both sides of the investment table.

Having founded and built her own businesses, Nicole has learnt first-hand the challenges of starting, growing, and running a profitable company. Now as an investor, Nicole draws on this experience to identify visionary like-minded companies and entrepreneurs who NJF Holdings can support and help guide along their journeys.

Currently based in London, Nicole has lived and worked across Europe, the US, and Asia. As a result of this international experience, alongside a career which has covered a wide range of sectors shaped by technology and innovation, she brings a successful generalist approach to analysing businesses and investment opportunities which has enabled the NJF team to anticipate market trends and stay ahead of the investment curve.

Since founding NJF Holdings in 2012, and with a mission, in part, to invest in companies tackling some of society’s most pressing-challenges, Nicole was an early investor in both the healthcare and biotech sectors. In investing in these areas, the focus has been on early-stage companies looking to utilise the latest advancements in technology – such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning – to make much-needed breakthroughs in their medical fields.

One such portfolio company is Paris-based OWKIN which harnesses the power of AI for medical research to develop faster, safer, and more effective medicines and treatments for patients. Nicole is presently a director of the company.

In addition, Nicole serves on the Advisory Council of the pan-European private equity firm, Trilantic Europe. In November 2018, she was appointed by the Secretary of State to the Department of Health and Social Care’s Healthtech Advisory Board which advises the UK Government on its mission to transform technology in the NHS.