Pamela Winsor

Healthcare Consultant and Creative Strategist

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Atlantic

Stream: Prime

Pam is a respected and highly accomplished healthcare leader in Canada. With 20+ years as a Senior Healthcare Executive, including 14 years at Medtronic, Pam has a deep knowledge of the life sciences sector and what it takes to get a new technology or solution to market and fully funded, in an often restrained healthcare environment.

More importantly, Pam has expertise in the future direction of healthcare – value-based healthcare strategies and novel access approaches which improve outcomes and lower costs. This will encompass new players/technologies, new financial models and more long-term strategic oversight, challenging legacy care models and current healthcare boards.

Pam completed her eMBA (2000) at St. Mary’s University, Halifax and the ICD.D (2015) with Rotman School of Business, Toronto. In addition to these academic credentials, Pam is a Rotman, Judy Project Alumni and an executive coach.