Susanne Stuffers

Healthcare Investor, TD Veen

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Oxford

Stream: Health

Susanne is the CEO of P53 Invest AS, a private investment company with a sole focus on early-stage investments in healthcare and life sciences. Her previous experience includes investment banking (Arctic Securities), consultancy (EY), medical and commercial roles in the pharmaceutical industry (Novartis) and medical practice within oncology. Susanne holds a degree in medicine from the Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands) and a Ph.D. in cancer biomedicine from the Oslo University Hospital (Norway). She serves on the board of several early-stage biotechnology and diagnostics companies. P53 – a part of the family office TD Veen AS – identifies and invests in healthcare companies that think new and disrupt the status quo. We seek to contribute to the development and commercialization of ground-breaking ideas that transform people’s lives, increase accessibility to cutting-edge treatments and innovative healthcare solutions and create exceptional value for patients.