The CDL Web3 stream is now accepting applicants for the 2023/24 program year! Wave 1 application deadline is March 31st, 2023. Wave 2 (final) application deadline is June 16th, 2023. Please use the link below to submit your application:

Apply for the 2023/24 CDL Web3 program

For founders leveraging blockchain technologies, looking to massively scale their disruptive business models and explore new ways of governing communities and organizations.

The Web3 stream at CDL-Montreal supports ventures using blockchain technology to take the web to its next stage. This stream is built for visionary entrepreneurs with applications that could help transform financial institutions, disrupt the gaming industry or bring bold innovation in governance.

CDL startups work with mentors to sharpen objectives, prioritize time and resources, raise capital, and engage with experts working on the frontiers of research.

Founders attend five objective-setting sessions between October and June. CDL is a non-profit organization, meaning there are no fees for participation and CDL does not take any equity. Learn more about the CDL program.

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Who Should Apply?

The Web3 Stream is particularly suited to visionary, coachable teams with focused expertise and strong technical background. This stream is tailored towards early-stage companies (early venture or growth) or even projects (pre-incorporation); however, startups at all levels of maturity will be considered.

Example Innovation Areas

  • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO)
  • Ownership Economy
  • Blockchain Gaming
  • DeFi
  • Data Privacy and Security

The list above is not exhaustive. Contact to discuss the program and your venture with someone from the Web3 Stream.

Our Mentors

CDL mentors include accomplished entrepreneurs, experienced operators, active angel and venture investors, world-leading scientists, engineers, and economists. Mentors meet every eight weeks in Montreal or Online to help founders set objectives over the program’s nine-month duration.

Companies accepted to the CDL Web3 Stream benefit from guidance and hands on experience from industry professionals. These experts meet with companies periodically to evaluate their technologies, suggest improvements, and to explore formal advising engagements.

The list above is not exhaustive. Contact to discuss the program and your venture with someone from the Web3 Stream.

Apply for the 2023/24 CDL Web3 program

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