Azita Owlia

President & CEO, Connell USA

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Rockies

Stream: AgriFood

Dr. Azita Owlia is the President and CEO of Connell, one of the largest specialties chemicals and ingredient distribution companies in Asia-Pacific. A forward-thinking and result-driven leader, Dr. Owlia is passionate about creating organizations with strong, inclusive cultures that allow success through growth and innovation-driven business communities.

She has a proven track record in transformation by establishing a clear purpose, values, strategy, and business objectives emphasizing people and process.

With over three decades of successful experience in a variety of technical, commercial, and executive roles at Bayer and Connell, she contributes a wealth of global business knowledge with a deep understanding of cultural diversities in a broad range of industries such as Food,
Personal Care, Construction, and Mobility; specifically in Asia-Pacific.

Her passion for solving societal challenges through science and collaboration has been widely apparent; she was the creator and driver of the first-in-kind true sustainability program for Bayer MaterialScience, now Covestro. Dr. Owlia has led a full business transformation for Connell, emphasizing people and process to build growth and an innovation-driven platform across Asia-Pacific. She is passionate about meeting customers’ needs through innovation, actively driving it for Connell by connecting various start-up companies to the market while
helping them achieve their business growth objectives.

Dr. Owlia has previously served on several for-profit and non-profit boards in the United States, Japan, Taiwan, China, and Indonesia. She has a Ph.D. in electrochemistry and an MBA.