Chris Parker

Vice President of Business Development, Exact Sciences

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Wisconsin

Stream: Health

Chris Parker serves in the role of Vice President of Business Development and is responsible for corporate and business development activities within Exact Sciences. These duties include inorganic growth strategies, M&A, partnering and strategic investments.

Chris attended the University of Wisconsin for undergraduate and graduate research at the UWCCC. While at the cancer center Chris’s research focused on breast cancer resistance to Tamoxifen, under V. Craig Jordan.

Prior to joining Exact Sciences, Chris was most recently at Cellular Dynamics International as Chief Business Officer until the company was acquired by Fujifilm in 2015. Chris had previously spent 10 years with Affymetrix where he had a number of roles with increasing commercial responsibilities becoming Vice President of the Global Pharmaceutical business unit. In addition, to those roles, Chris has advised with a number of companies on corporate strategy and fund raising such as Raindance Technologies (acquired by BIO-RAD), Navigenics (acquired by Life Tech), and Cyvek (acquired by BioTechne).