Christopher Yasko

SVP & Chief Data Scientist, Equifax

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Atlanta

Stream: FinTech

Christopher Yasko was born curious, with an entrepreneurial spirit, and has a passion for building high-performance R&D teams. He is a pragmatic and collaborative senior executive with deep knowledge of AI/ML, real time software, wireless systems, and semiconductors. Christopher has built the “data science lab” at Equifax, with a proven record of IP creation and XAI commercialization to help people live their financial best.

Christopher has been working in advanced technology teams his entire career, both as an entrepreneur with start-up companies (Intellon, Hughes Telematics ) and as “intrapreneur” for large Fortune 100 corporations (General Electric, Motorola, Freescale, Verizon ). He really enjoys working with people that want to invent something that’s never been done before. They’ve developed early 3G/4G smart phones (LTE), wireless communications (WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS), automotive telematics (IoT), cyber security appliances (FIPS-140), multi-core semiconductors (DSP, CPU), electric vehicle charging stations (EV smart grid), and explainable AI (xAI).

Christopher can balance strategic, commercial, technical, and operational topics with all the stakeholders to deliver amazing new products. He is able to envision years ahead of what is available today… then he builds it.