Darrell Duffie

Professor, Stanford University

Role: Scientist

Site: CDL-Oxford

Stream: FinTech

Darrell Duffie is The Adams Distinguished Professor of Management and Professor of Finance at Stanford Graduate School of Business. His research interests include financial market design and central banking, and fintech payments.

Duffie is a fellow and member of the Council of the Econometric Society, a research fellow of the National Bureau of Economic Research, and a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He was the 2009 president of the American Finance Association. In 2014, he chaired the Market Participants Group, charged by the Financial Stability Board with recommending reforms to Libor, Euribor, and other interest rate benchmarks. Duffie’s recent books include How Big Banks Fail (Princeton University Press, 2010), Measuring Corporate Default Risk (Oxford University Press, 2011), Dark Markets (Princeton University Press, 2012), and Fragmented Markets, forthcoming from De Gruyter.