Dimitrios Emmanoulopoulos

VP - Lead Data Scientist, Barclays

Role: Scientist

Site: CDL-Oxford

Stream: FinTech

Dimitrios is the lead data scientist in Barclays’ Applied Research and Development team. For the last three years he has been productionizing machine learning solutions for a variety of different business use cases: card fraud detection, recommendation engines, credit card delinquency predictions, customer sentiment analysis, compliance and investment bank markets. Moreover, Dimitrios is building cost effective GPU hardware solutions for machine learning projects, that deal with petabytes of data, across the entire bank and he is developing the next generation state-of-the-art AI models (using Deep Neural Networks) for card fraud and bond pricing prediction. In parallel, he is also actively involved in the cloud based technologies, that will be implemented in the near future by Barclays, and he is following very closely the recent developments around Quantum Computing and Quantum AI. Finally, he is actively benchmarking 3rd party hardware and software solutions around AI and has been representing Barclays in various discussion panels and forums. Dimitrios completed a Ph.D. on the development of predictive algorithms for black hole astrophysics and quantum gravity detection.