Don Turnbull

Investigator | Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Information Systems

Role: Investigator

Site: CDL-Atlanta

Stream: Commerce

Don Turnbull is a consultant specializing in software research and development focusing on data science, search and recommendation systems, mobile systems and analytics as well as data-centric machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Don was formerly a professor at the University of Texas at Austin where his teaching and research focused on designing Web Information Systems, Information Retrieval, the Semantic Web and Knowledge Management Systems. He also was a principal at Outride, Inc., a Xerox PARC spin-off company that specialized in personalized information retrieval applications and was acquired by Google. He is also an author of many research publications, as well as granted and pending patents.

Don continues to work with both large corporations and small startups to pursue R&D with a focus on building a patent portfolio and designing innovative applications and services.