Iain Woodhouse

Personal Chair in Applied Earth Observation, University of Edinburgh

Roles: Associate, Scientist

Stream: Space

Iain Woodhouse is an innovator, strategist and remote sensing expert. For two decades, he has been at the University of Edinburgh specializing in research on the use of synthetic aperture radar (SAR), LiDAR and drone mapping for monitoring the forests of the world. This contributes to sustainable forest stewardship and sustainable (managed) forestry. He is most enthusiastic about enhancing capacity in Earth observation, both with the students who take his classes in Edinburgh and the participants of training courses that he delivers around the world. Iain’s textbook on “Introduction to Microwave Remote Sensing” is now a core text for anyone learning about radar for the first time. He has also authored “13 Short Chapters on Remote Sensing” and “101 Top Tips for PhD Students.” As well as being an academic, Iain has been involved in setting up three startups in the energizing Edinburgh innovation ecosystem (and helping some others along the way). Iain believes that the key to his success is a good sense of strategy and an ability to draw together excellent teams who are able to excel in innovation.