Jaime Reed

Vice President, CGI Group

Role: Associate

Stream: Space

Jaime Reed runs the Space Data Platforms and Applications business at CGI. They build IT solutions to operate and exploit communication and remote sensing satellites. CGI works with clients to turn data into reliable operational systems and products. Jaime is particularly interested in working with non-Space clients to use Space solutions to benefit businesses and society, and his team provides consulting to CGI’s global client cases. Jaime is building on 18 years in the space industry as a systems engineer and project manager. He has designed several satellites and rovers and has also worked on instrument design primarily for infrared, optical and x-ray missions. He has worked on end-to-end data processing and software, including end-user applications – primarily for a scientific purpose. Jaime studied atmospheric, oceanic and planetary physics for his doctorate and is still interested in all aspects of science around our planet’s physical processes.