Jill Becker

CEO & Founder, 02139 Inc.

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Toronto

Streams: Artificial Intelligence, Matter

An entrepreneurial leader driven by value creation, Dr. Becker specializes in product commercialization, new market initiatives and raising the funds to do so. Currently, Dr. Becker is the CEO of Kebotix which aims to reinvent the materials industry and enable a new age of discovery of new materials using AI, machine learning, and robotics.

Previously, Dr. Becker was CEO and founder of 02139 Inc. 02139 Inc. is a consulting company that she started in 2013 focused on providing executive consulting services and investment advice to both public and private companies with a heavy focus on accelerating growth, maximizing value and the creation of jobs in a variety of industries and translating innovations into tangible commercial success.

Before that, Dr. Becker was CEO and founder of Cambridge NanoTech Inc., which she started in 2003 straight from her PhD thesis at Harvard University. Under her leadership, the company was instantly profitable and has operated at a profit every year since then and had been one of the fastest-growing private companies for numerous years in the US from 2008-2012 until it was sold to Ultratech Inc a public semiconductor company.

Dr. Becker also mentors through a variety of entities and her network to further the entrepreneurial ecosystem that she lives in and helps technology and life sciences companies grow and create jobs. She also helps non-profits with their development work and fundraising.