Josh Felker

Founder and Managing Partner, BoxOne Ventures

Role: Associate

Sites: CDL-Montreal, CDL-Toronto

Streams: Blockchain, Web3

Josh is the founder and managing partner at BoxOne Ventures, an asset management firm whose VC activities are focussed on early stage companies across several sectors including fintech, applied ML/AI, synthetic biology/biotech, crypto/decentralized finance. He is also the cofounder at Nascent, a global, multi-strategy investment firm focused on crypto and open finance.

Prior to BoxOne, Josh Felker was the co-founder of the Montreal based proprietary trading firm Vigilant Global. A leader in the most latency sensitive and technology driven areas of trading, Vigilant was an early pioneer in the use of FPGAs and wireless communication technologies in financial markets. Vigilant was acquired by proprietary trading firm DRW Trading in 2012. As partner at DRW, Josh helped oversee a highly diversified global trading firm spanning liquidity provision operations, risking-taking/directional trading, real-estate, venture investing as well as cryptocurrency trading.

Josh has a degree in Genetics from Western University and is a father of four.