Liz Brandt

CEO & Co-Founder, Ctrl-shift

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Oxford

Stream: FinTech

Liz is an entrepreneurial and visionary leader, combining skills and experience across corporate and innovation leadership, and the strategic development of data driven economic markets. Liz has held senior roles in large corporates, started and sold a number of businesses.

Since the beginning of her career Liz has worked at the disruptive edge, where business, technology and consumers meet. She brings deep and strong experience in the impact of business models and operating environments of the shifting landscape of consumers, digital, trust and value. Liz combines vision married with evidence and market knowledge, business strategy and operational implementation and the ability to bring together strong teams to deliver extraordinary results.

Over the past 11 years Liz has developed a deep understanding of the commercial dynamics of the shifting personal data market and has developed deep skills and strong networks across private, public and the third sector. In 2021 Liz was recognised in the DataIQ Top 100 and as Data Champion for her work in the Personal Data market.

Liz has led strategic advice teams for large corporates such as Facebook, Barclays, BT, Renault, Verizon, BBC, SWIFT, TransUnion. Liz advises Governments and Regulators, is advisor to the UK Financial Conduct Authority Open Finance team, UK HM Treasury and CMA, UK HMG BEIS Smart Data team, UK DCMS Government Data Strategy team and sits on the steering group of the WEF Global Data Sharing project (announcement planned).