Luca Del Monte

Head of Commercialisation Department, European Space Agency

Role: Investigator

Sites: CDL-Atlanta, CDL-Paris, CDL-Toronto

Stream: Space

Luca is a senior executive at the European Space Agency with strong background in policymaking, strategy development and space deep tech. He is currently responsible for the ESA Commercialization Department.

His goal is to make Europe one of the greatest places in the world to launch and grow global space companies that make sense for our future.

His department is brand new at ESA and accompanies European space entrepreneurs in their journey to commercialization, from disruptive idea generation and scouting of the business opportunities, to sustainable scaling-up.

They provide services of:

  • Innovation e.g. Technology Transfer, Co-creation (Phi-labs network), Incubation (ESA BICs)
  • Commercial advisory, e.g. Market analysis. Business plan assessment, Intellectual Property
  • Connection with the investors ecosystem e.g. Investor communities (public and private), technical and market advisory to Venture Capitals funds

He has a proven track record of years of highly intense and successful strategy development and policy coordination experience in international context which resulted in creating and launching new initiatives and programs valued some hundreds of millions euro. He also has 25 years of extensive experience in conception and development of innovative high-tech security and defense space systems and concepts.

Furthermore, he formed his experience and grew his career in very competitive environments with strong multicultural presence. He worked in Germany, Italy, Netherlands and France, where he currently resides. He serves as Technical Expert for the Judicial Court of Milan and for the International Arbitration Chamber of Milan.