Neil Cameron

Partner, Emerald Technology Ventures Inc

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Toronto

Stream: Matter

Based in Emerald’s Toronto office, Neil Cameron’s sector expertise is in the field of advanced materials and processes; he co-leads the sustainable packaging practice at Emerald. Neil is delighted to be involved in all phases of the investment process: sourcing, evaluating, selecting and supporting novel sustainable technology start-ups from early diligence to exit. He also has the privilege of supporting the open innovation initiatives of some of the world’s leading corporate partners. In the Emerald portfolio, past and present, Neil has had board and committee responsibilities at Phase Change Energy Solutions, Tropic Biosciences, actnano, Lucintech, and elsewhere as needed.

Neil’s academic background is in advanced materials (PhD in chemistry from McGill University and bachelor’s in chemistry and biochemistry from the University of King’s College (Dalhousie University)), but generally, if it has mass, occupies space, is intriguing and creates value, he’s interested! Neiil is delighted to help entrepreneurs and corporate partners succeed in a vibrant, sustainable ecosystem. He is a product of the global village and happy to speak with you in English or French.