Phil Swift

Chairman, Aryshire

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Vancouver

Stream: Climate

Phil is the Executive Chairman and Founder of the Ayrshire Group, a Calgary-based private investment firm. A principal focus of Ayrshire’s business has been investing in commercial real estate as well as property technology companies and related operating businesses. Phil was also one of the founders of ARC Financial Corporation in 1989, Canada’s largest energy private equity firm, and has over $5.3 billion of capital under management. He held various senior management positions in the company including President and CEO. Phil has extensive equity investment, corporate advisory, and direct investment management experience.

Phil has served on the boards of approximately 20 corporations. He was President for Alberta and International Director of the North American Society for Corporate Planning. He is a recipient of the Warren Bennis Award for Leadership Excellence as well as the Pinnacle Award for achievement in entrepreneurship. He has co-authored a book published by McGraw Hill entitled “In Search of Leadership – How Great Leaders Answer the Question “Why Lead?”

Phil has also been active in philanthropy and has served on a number of community organizations and foundation boards. He is a Co-Founder of The Impact Investment Forum (IIF) (formerly Pacific Impact Investor Network) and S3I (Sauder Centre for Social Innovation and Impact Investing) at UBC Sauder School of Business as well as an Advisor at the Sauder Business School Advisory Board. He was Chairman of the Canadian Institute of Natural and Integrative Medicine and has been increasingly involved in philanthropic projects overseas through the Swift Family Foundation.

Phil holds an MBA from the University of British Columbia, as well as a Bs.C. in Math and Philosophy.