Reza Salimi Khorshidi

Chief Scientist, AIG

Role: Scientist

Site: CDL-Oxford

Streams: Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, Health

Reza is currently the Chief Scientist at AIG, leading the company’s global machine learning research and AI-first product development. He is also a principal investigator at Deep Medicine program at the University of Oxford’s Martin School, which is focused on AI in digital health ecosystems.

He obtained his DPhil in computational neuroscience and machine learning from the University of Oxford in 2010, and since then has been leading teams, research initiatives, and large-scale international projects both in academia and industries such as healthcare and financial services.

Reza’s team at AIG (i.e., Investments AI: a group of machine learning scientists, engineers, product managers, designers, and digital strategy experts) is primarily focused on the development of AI-first products: apps and software services that employ machine learning to inform and assist their users. Such software products provide both AIG’s asset management (with near $0.5T AUM) and insurance arms with strategic differentiation in the market through the power of AI and product design.