Shawn Yeager


Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Atlanta

Stream: Commerce

Shawn is a senior operational executive with a passion for building from scratch, leveraging what exists, and dreaming up what needs to be.

Throughout his career he has identified new market opportunities and created whole new categories of solutions to meet them. He loves the analysis and execution of growth opportunities and in playing a central role in effectuating those strategic plans.

Most of all, Shawn enjoys tackling issues that others deem impossible and understands that relationships matter more in the digital world, not less. He founded and served as CEO’s of multiple firms including Auditude, Inc. (purchased by Adobe) and PRIMA Cinema (Funded by Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, IMAX and others).

Shawn is a graduate of UCLA with Honors, and holds both a JD and MBA from UC Davis. He is a member of the Georgia Bar and a frequent lecturer on new venture formation and opportunity analysis at the undergraduate and graduate level.