Shelley Kuipers

Co-Founder, IOVIA & Adventure Capital

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Atlanta

Stream: Commerce

Shelley is a co-founder of IOVIA and Adventure Capital. She previously founded crowd-sourcing company, Chaordix and was a founding member of Stormworks. She is also co-founder of feminist investment collective, The51 and sustainable direct-to-consumer clothing brand Harris Kuipers, all in addition to championing the entrepreneurs she has chosen to invest in. Shelley loves to travel for business and adventure but also questions the sustainability of it all. When on a break Shelley finds herself revelling in nature with family and friends, and with the odd glass of cider at her home on Salt Spring Island, Canada. She divides her time between the west coast and Calgary, Canada and right this minute is probably dreaming up ways to realize new possibilities.