Stephen Morales

Managing Director, Salt Flats

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Wisconsin

Stream: Health & Wellness

Stephen Morales is a high-impact, organizational transformation agent that has built and transformed pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic businesses. Having launched products and services around the world, Stephen brings a truly global understanding of healthcare innovation.

Stephen has held executive roles in Salt Flats, Marwood Group, and Navigant, leading whole lines of business and responding nimbly to the changing healthcare environment. At each organization, Stephen has been worked with pharmaceutical, medical device, digital health, and diagnostic clients to
substantially change the healthcare landscape. He has been a partner to venture capital and private equity funds that seek to understand the implications of the highly-fluid regulatory environments in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Stephen brings strategic insights that are grounded in his experiences as line management for companies like Merck, Baxter, and Abbott Vascular. He understands what it means to have “carried the bag” and considers provider, payer, and patient viewpoints in how he has led major transformations with fellow executives.

In his career, Stephen has lived and worked across the U.S.—in Boston, San Francisco, New York, and Seattle. He also spent time working in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Barcelona Spain. As such, he brings a relatability of an executive who understands the global political landscape and the impact of national and regional regulatory systems on healthcare innovation.

Bringing a network of exceptional executives with him, Stephen is able to leverage insights that go beyond the task at hand to develop products and systems that endure through multiple market challenges. He has used those insights to launch new cancer drugs with seed and series A companies; to help turnaround neglected brands and divisions within large companies; and to execute on the most complex organizational designs.

A regular contributor and moderator on transformational healthcare issues, Stephen has most recently led panels touching on neurology, oncology, pain management, orthopedics, mental health, and social determinants of health, among many other topics.