Sven Grail

Co-CEO, Altima Dental Canada | Co-founder and Executive Chairman, MCI

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Toronto

Stream: Health

As one of the founders of Altima Dental Canada, Canada’s largest dental group, Dr. Grail has created a team of more than 325 dental professionals and support staff practicing from more than 30 locations across Ontario and Alberta.

Dr. Grail’s extensive operational and clinical background in dentistry has allowed him to remain current with the crucial issues facing the profession today. Currently he is working with a number of Deans and CEOs from several dental school groups, to develop programs aiming to make dentistry more accessible to disadvantaged communities. He has established the Altima Dental Student Services Centre for the University of Toronto to assist students and has worked with Boston University’s Dr. S. Perlman to provide dental care for severely disabled children and young adults. He also co-founded the Altima St. Appollonia Foundation to provide free restorative and cosmetic dentistry to women (and/or children) recovering from abusive environments; a program successfully now expanded to include Toronto and Hamilton.