Thomas Stone

Founding Partner, Kintsugi

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Oxford

Stream: Artificial Intelligence

Thomas Stone is an investor in over 70 startups with Kintsugi (Ad)ventures since 2011.

Thomas was previously the co-founder of PredictionIO (acquired by Salesforce and backed by 500 Startups, Mozilla WebFwd and Stanford StartX), a partner at AI Seed (invested in 40+ applied AI startups in UK and beyond). He earned a PhD in computer science on the topic of “Computational Analytics for Venture Finance” (working alongside Correlation Ventures).

Also spend time working for Salesforce Ventures, London co-investment fund, Kindred Capital, Silicon Valley Bank and Seedcamp. Mentoring and teaching either entrepreneurial finance or data science for General Assembly, Faculty (formerly ASI Data Science) and Facebook Open Academy.

Thomas is recovering from a poly trauma after being in a car crash in Cape Town in 2019 and likes to swim with dolphins and cycle up mountains.