Warren Levitan

Co-Founder & CEO, Cards & Treasure

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Montreal

Stream: Supply Chain

Warren Levitan has spent almost 20 years leading technology teams focused on SaaS-based customer experience platforms. As co-founder and CEO of Smooch, he is again focused on raising the bar for customer experience, this time by developing a new paradigm for B2C communications, one that is persistent and omnichannel versus transaction-based and siloed by channel. Warren was previously president & CEO of Radialpoint, a tech support platform provider for leading cable and telecommunications across the globe until it was acquired by AppDirect in 2015.

Warren is an alumnus of McGill University (BA ’95) and INSEAD (MBA ’99), and sits on the Board of Camp B’nai Brith, a non-profit summer camp for children. In his spare time (yeah right!) you can find Warren navigating the backwoods of the Canadian wilderness or enjoying time outdoors with his wife and two awesome kids!