Julien Pham

Founder & Managing Partner, 3CC | Third Culture Capital

Role: Associate

Sites: CDL-Oxford, CDL-Seattle, CDL-Toronto, CDL-Vancouver, CDL-Wisconsin

Streams: Advanced Therapies, Biomedical Engineering, Cancer, Computational Health, Neuro

Julien is a Nephrologist and serial founder/entrepreneur, interested in innovation and the impact of disruptive thinking and technology in the practice and delivery of modern Medicine. Most recently, he was the President & Chief Operating Officer of a publicly-traded clinical-stage biotech developing “”21st Century Gene Therapy for Cancer”” (NASDAQ: GNPX).

Previous startup and academic experience include:
RubiconMD: Founder of a VC-backed Health IT startup to prioritize access to specialists for primary care communities. Built, qualified, and managed a vast network of top US doctors to respond to eConsults.

RHINNO: Founder and manager of a rapid prototype/rapid deployment (lean) platform embedded within a large medical institution to strategically advance reciprocal innovation in the health IT field.

Brigham iHub: Founding committee of an academic incubator/accelerator at a prestigious academic hospital in Boston