Kalev Kaarna


Role: Investigator

Site: CDL-Estonia

Stream: Digital Society

Kalev Kaarna is a seasoned startup advisor and ex-investor at Superangel investment fund, specializing in guiding early-stage tech startups to rapid growth. He has succeeded as an intrapreneur twice and has twice successfully failed as a tech entrepreneur. At Superangel, he led an accelerator program which 33 early-stage alumni raised €40M collectively over  in five years.
Kalev excels in helping startups overcome obstacles and believes founders should grow faster than their companies. He has worked with AI/ML, robotics, dual-use, sensors and B2B SaaS startups.

Kalev’s expertise includes: finding paying customers before your product is fully ready, making fundraising easier, scaling good habits instead of bad ones in a team, finding focus and getting founders unstuck and helping founders to grow faster than their startups.

Kalev is currently on thinkcation until February 2024. Mentoring at CDL is his only official commitment right now.