Kalev Kaarna

Marketing Lead, CDL-Estonia

Role: Investigator

Site: CDL-Estonia

Stream: Digital Society

Kalev Kaarna is a seasoned fixer of sales and fundraising for tech startups. Since January he is a Marketing Lead at CDL-Estonia. He has succeeded as an intrapreneur four times, successfully failed as a tech entrepreneur twice, and has been a midwife to hundreds of startups.

Prior to CDL he worked at Superangel investment fund where he was responsible for an Expedition growth program. His goal was to help startups learn fast and get to the next level within 12 months. 33 early-stage startups in the program raised collectively over €42m. He speaks science in different fields and has worked with AI/ML, robotics, dual-use, energy, biotech, sensors and B2B SaaS startups. Kalev is practising principles of Job-To-Be-Done, Sell-Demo-Build, insightful product positioning, JOLT effect, Lean Startup, and Clear Leadership. He believes that
– Startup founders must grow faster than their startups
– Founders can grow fast without burning out themselves or their team
– Deep tech startups are our best bet for making the world a better place
PS! Give him a problem and I suggest a book to read or a podcast to listen.