Site: CDL-Toronto
Stream: Space
Graduating Cohort: 2018/19

It was founded by seven Canadians with expertise in the fields of medical, aerospace, research, and engineering who met as co-finalists in the 2016-2017 Canadian Space Agency Astronaut Recruitment Campaign.

At the time of application to the CDL program, the company had not yet incorporated, was pre-revenue, and had only a vague idea of the technologies that would be developed. By the second session, the founders had incorporated, identified several sources of grant funding, pinpointed key healthcare needs, and created a high-level corporate strategic plan. By Session 3, Leap Biosystems had pivoted to create a specific MVP, undertook market analysis, received user feedback on the MVP, and established a corporate structure. The founders also started work on two revenue-generating subcontracts to provide space medicine expertise and signed an MOU with a CDL Prime stream venture (ArFront Technology) to collaborate on the use of augmented reality within Leap’s MVP.

Support from CDL Fellows and Associates has expedited the evolution of the company, with guidance on business strategy, especially identifying and addressing market needs and testing, developing, and commercializing space technologies. Mentors at CDL continue to provide Leap with contacts, opportunities, and advice. Mentors from the Health stream have also been particularly involved in this venture. Leap is on track to have a prototype completed before the end of 2019, which has already been accepted for testing by a Canadian medical school, with plans to expand testing into northern Canada and other remote environments. Leap has multiple sources of grant funding in progress and revenue contracts underway, including a concept study to expand the MVP for use in deep-space missions.

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