Establish your organization as a global leader, driving innovation forward.

CDL has been future-proofing organizations by bridging the gap with the global startup community.

  1. Engage early-stage startups through successful pilots, investment, or acquisition.
  2. Build skills and understanding of the startup community.
  3. Gain cutting-edge insight from a global network of technical experts and thought leaders on how innovation can help move your business forward.
  4. Build the most important skills and competencies for your organization’s future.

Why CDL?

Become a CDL Partner to gain access to global-leading tech ventures and alumni companies in emerging areas including AI, blockchain, quantum, and computational health. Our program focuses on your corporate goals and needs, matching you with innovative startups in relevant industries to ensure your organization has access to cutting edge insights that matter most to you. We focus on the key areas in your technology roadmap that our startups could positively impact, eliminating the time consuming and costly process of vetting and engaging with potential startups independently.

CDL works closely with our Partners to tailor a custom partnership. Our global networks allows your organization to get in front of, and collaborate with, a global network of high technology ventures.

As a CDL Partner, you’ll get access to insights across the industries and technologies that have the greatest possibility of disrupting your industry. For example, AI regulation, the effects of AI-inspired quantum algorithms, competitor adoption, and the startups that are poised to make a dramatic impact.

Our team is here to support you throughout your journey whether you’re looking to improve your own business efficiencies or build a strategy from the ground up, our global CDL network has a solution.

CDL is uniquely positioned to support your success

Non Profit, No Fee,
No Equity

Venture Technological Advantage

Program Delivery within Top-Tier Universities

Mentor Equity & Time Commitment

Selected CDL Partners

“This program reflects our belief that we can save more lives, faster, if we build better connections between research and the application of knowledge; if we harness ideas, share expertise and deepen investments in pursuit of a common goal.”

Andrea Seale

CEO of Canadian Cancer Society

“I believe CDL is developing a best-in-class process of its own … so it just seemed like a perfect marriage of skills, interests, and track record to partner in one of the hottest areas in biotech.”

CCRM company logo

Michael May

President and CEO of CCRM

“As the founding sponsor, American Family will learn insights and find opportunities from the startups here today that drive our growth as a company – to meet the challenges before us. The mentors and experts in the room are also enthused to provide value back to participating startups, to help them on their own journey of growth. Everyone today will walk away from this [CDL] session one step closer to achieving their goals. That’s not a hope, but an expectation.”

Bill Westrate

Enterprise President and CEO of American Family Insurance

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