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CDL Supply Chain is a 9-month startup program offered at HEC Montréal, designed to amplify the impact of early-stage companies eager to revolutionize the global supply chain landscape. Beginning in October and concluding in June, this stream is tailored for ventures aiming to minimize costs, boost transparency, accelerate throughput and efficiency, and enhance sustainability across supply chains.

Located at the heart of one of North America’s leading AI research hubs and a critical transportation and logistic nexus, CDL Supply Chain is ideal, spanning various industries and applications, including retail, manufacturing, transportation, and logistics.

The program includes up to 4 objective-setting sessions to sharpen objectives, prioritize time and resources, and help raise capital in addition to an international networking event called ‘Super Session” for graduating Ventures.

Who Should Apply?

CDL-Montreal’s Supply Chain program is ideal for early-stage tech companies led by ambitious, coachable founders with strong technical backgrounds. The CDL program is designed for early-stage companies (early venture or growth) or even projects (pre-incorporation); however, startups at all levels of maturity from all around the world will be considered.

CDL Supply Chain Technology/Industry Applications


  • Demand Forecasting and Planning: AI/machine learning tools to predict demand for novel goods and services, ensuring production capacity meets anticipated requirements.
  • Capacity and Resource Utilization Planning: Algorithms to align demand with internal resource utilization, such as raw material sourcing, inventory, and factory/store replenishment.
  • Warehouse and Inventory Planning: Optimization techniques and robotics to boost warehouse efficiency and improve product flow.


  • Supply, Contracting, Procurement: Solutions to automate supplier selection, sourcing, and integration of cross-provider schedules and operations to improve performance.

Logistics & Production

  • Automated In-Plant Logistics and Warehousing: Robotic actuators and support systems (computer vision, motor controls, etc.) to automate handling items of various dimensions.
  • Scheduling/Predictive Disruption Analysis: AI/machine learning tools to predict asset failures and maintenance needs and identify required resources.
  • Transportation/Fleet Management: Platforms to optimize package distribution, delivery routes, and use of autonomous vehicles to drive shipment efficiencies.
  • Sustainable Industrial Transformation: Innovations to reduce waste, improve recycling, reduce energy use, and enhance resilience to natural or other disruptions.

Sales & After-Sales:

  • Quality Control Management: Automated technologies (machine learning, computer vision, etc.) for post-production verification to optimize QC and improve product acceptance rates.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Relationship Management: AI-enabled tools (such as chatbots and predictive analytics) to automate customer journeys, requests, and feedback intake to improve customer relationships.

CDL Supply Chain Alumni Companies

CDL Alumni Companies are changing the world every day as impactful new companies that seek to enhance the commercialization of science for the betterment of humankind. Below are a few examples of companies that have graduated from CDL Supply Chain:

Our Mentors

Mentors are the backbone of the Creative Destruction Lab program because they provide expert guidance for early-stage technology companies to grow and improve their probability of success. CDL brings together experienced exited entrepreneurs, world-class scientists, and active investors (VCs and angels) with early-stage technology startups to help guide companies. Below are a few examples of CDL Supply Chain mentors:

To contact a CDL Supply Chain stream representative, please email to learn more about how this stream can benefit your company.

“Something unexpected was the quality of the people we met. I was not expecting to discuss with the best entrepreneurs we have in my hometown. The quality and the time we had with them was fantastic. Also, the ability of having us meet new people, the network effect. Today I can tell you that is important, that is vital. We were there for the learning, but all what we get was more than what we were expecting.”

Raphael Dubé-Demers

Founder of EHVA | CDL-Montreal 2020/21

“CDL is one of the most effective accelerators out there; it’s an extremely efficient use of your time. The mentors are incredibly experienced, so the feedback you get is based on years of relevant experience in the field. It also helps you build up your network with experienced CEOs, VCs, and other partners… for years to come.”

Joann de Zegher

CEO & Co-Founder, PemPem

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