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For founders focused on disrupting the ocean economy with digital technologies and sustainable solutions.

The Oceans Stream at CDL-Atlantic is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada – the forefront of Canada’s Ocean industry. This Stream brings together experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and leading scientists from around the world who are active in the ocean industry. CDL startups work with these mentors to sharpen objectives, prioritize time and resources, raise capital, and engage with experts working on the frontiers of research.

Ocean innovation is driven by mega trends such as global population growth, increased life expectancy, rising incomes, and expanding global trade. The Oceans Stream focuses on emerging technologies including underwater acoustics and imaging, sensors, robotics and AUVs, data, predictive analytics, and any other technologies transforming the sustainable ocean economy.

Startups accepted into the CDL Program attend five objective-setting sessions between September and June. There are no fees for participation and CDL does not take any equity.


Who should apply?

The Oceans Stream is particularly suited to highly-skilled, coachable entrepreneurs and researchers who operate in the Ocean Economy or who are involved with impactful Oceanographic research. This stream is tailored towards early-stage companies (early venture or growth) or even projects (pre-incorporation); however, startups at all levels of maturity will be considered.

Example Innovation Areas:

  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Sustainable fishing and offshore aquaculture
  • Marine resources and bio-products (e.g. data, food, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, etc)
  • Marine and Sustainable Energy Innovations
  • Naval and Defense

The list above is not exhaustive. Contact Venture Manager Kyle Woods to discuss the program and your venture.

Our Mentors

CDL mentors include accomplished entrepreneurs, experienced operators, active angel and venture investors, world-leading scientists, engineers, and economists. Mentors and CDL-Atlantic startups formally meet five times in a structured format over the program’s nine-month duration to help founders set short-term objectives.

Companies accepted to the CDL-Atlantic Oceans Stream benefit from partnerships with Canada’s Ocean Supercluster, the Ocean Startup Project, Ocean Frontier Institute, Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE), DeepSense, Ocean Sciences Centre, Dalhousie University, and Memorial University. These experts meet with companies periodically between the set sessions to evaluate their technologies, suggest improvements, and explore formal advising engagements. Finally,

CDL-Atlantic is proud to be collaborating with The Economist and the 1000 Ocean Startups coalition on sustainable, ocean-focused initiatives.

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Apply to the CDL program

For more information or to schedule an introduction meeting with the CDL team, email:

Kyle Woods
Venture Manager

“CDL has been an incredible experience that has made our company much stronger, positioned us for rapid growth and made me a better CEO. The focused expertise in the Oceans stream and access to exceptional mentors, scientific advisors, and investors provided an unparalleled level of knowledge and insight, while the objective-based goal-setting forced us to accomplish the milestones needed for success.”

Julie Angus

CEO, Open Ocean Robotics | CDL-Atlantic Oceans 2020/2021

“CDL is fabulous! The 8-month program with a target-hitting focus, seriously pushes companies to become the best they can be. As the CEO of Aquaai – a climate-tech robotics company – I was fortunate to work with seasoned CDL mentors who are incredibly successful business leaders, graciously offering their wisdom and connections. While being challenged and guided, Aquaai gained valuable insight on how to move forward smartly, which helped us reach milestones timely, plus we secured investment thanks to CDL’s vast and reputable network. Thank you CDL!”

Liane Thompson

CEO, Aquaai Corporation | CDL-Atlantic Oceans 2019/20

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