Quick Tips for Your CDL Application

What is the CDL Program

How do I get into CDL? What do you look for in CDL applicants?

Do I need to have links to a CDL affiliated university or college?

Can I join CDL if I am enrolled in another accelerator/incubator/program?

I have no experience in business, can I be a founder?

What if I don’t have a co-founder?

I just started. Is my company too early?

What are the fees to participate?

What CDL location or stream should I apply to?

Can I apply to multiple CDL locations and streams?

The specific stream I am interested in is offered in multiple CDL locations. How do I choose?

Can ventures be enrolled in more than one CDL location or stream at once?

What is a “Global Stream”?

How does the selection process work?

Can I start a company based on my PhD/master’s research?

Am I too late if I’ve already raised a seed round?

Is it ok to be pre-revenue?

Do I need to relocate?

Are interviews held remotely?

How much funding will I receive?

What happens on a CDL Session day?

What is the logic behind the objective cycle? What happens if my team falls short of the objectives?

What kind of support is there for Venture Founders in between CDL Sessions?

Will a virtual program be one of high quality? How can I ensure an adequate return of value for my time?

Can you offer tips to prepare for an interview?

How can my organization benefit from a partnership with CDL?

How can I help my organization build greater awareness of emerging tech trends in our industry?

How can my organization access and engage with CDL companies?