CDL-Melbourne is located at Monash Business School within Monash University, in Melbourne, Australia – one of the world’s top fifty universities according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

In its first year, CDL-Melbourne will offer a Prime stream for early-stage founders, applying advanced technology solutions to a wide range of industries.

Melbourne is a thriving technology hub within the Asia-Pacific region, underpinned by world-leading research across a range of industries including biotechnology, medicine, digital technology, renewable energy, sustainability, advanced manufacturing and robotics.

Groundbreaking advancements in these fields (and many others), along with a thriving venture capital and business climate, provide a strong foundation from which globally scalable and impactful solutions and startups can thrive.

As the first CDL site in the Asia-Pacific region, CDL-Melbourne is excited to not only provide access to a thriving domestic ecosystem, but also a thriving regional ecosystem and network.


For founders pursuing state of the art technological innovations across diverse industries.

Distinct from CDL’s specialized streams that each focus on a particular industry or technology, CDL Prime admits diverse ventures pursuing many different applications of technology to industry problems. Strong Prime ventures include those with differentiated technology, regardless of having selected a target industry vertical.


Monash University