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For founders developing high impact and scalable solutions to help preserve and protect our planet.

The CDL Climate Stream at CDL-Paris, CDL-Oxford, and CDL-Vancouver will provide high impact contributions to climate challenges by unlocking the potential of cutting-edge research and accelerating its path to commercialization.

CDL startups work with CDL mentors to sharpen objectives, prioritize time and resources, raise capital, and engage with experts working on the frontiers of climate research. With the CDL process and structure, we will help founders accelerate the commercialization trajectory of novel innovations to become massively scalable ventures that have substantial positive climate and societal impacts.

The startups attend five in-person objective-setting sessions between October and June. CDL is a non-profit organization. There are no fees for participation and CDL does not take any equity. Learn more about the CDL program.

Who Should Apply?

The CDL-Climate Stream is particularly suited to technical founders who are tackling climate, natural resource and environmental challenges predicated on novel innovations across a wide variety of enabling technology categories. This stream is tailored towards early-stage companies (early venture or growth) or even projects (pre-incorporation); however, startups at all levels of maturity will be considered.

Example Innovation Areas

  • Mobility, Transportation, and Infrastructure
  • Future of Food
  • Sustainable Materials/Manufacturing
  • Building & Cities
  • Renewable & Alternative Energy Transition
  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction, Carbon Sequestration and Removal
  • Risk Analysis & Management
  • Waste/Circular Economy
  • Resource extraction & Processing
  • Resource Preservation and Optimization
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    The list above is not exhaustive. To discuss mutual fit between your venture and CDL-Climate, please contact the CDL Climate at

    Our Mentors

    CDL mentors include accomplished entrepreneurs, experienced operators, active angel and venture investors, world-leading scientists, engineers, and technologists. Mentors meet every eight weeks in Paris, Oxford or Vancouver to help founders set objectives over the program’s nine-month duration.

    Companies accepted to the CDL Climate Stream benefit from mentors and partners with the experience, motivation, network, and capital to navigate the complex process of developing and implementing climate-related technologies. Mentor and venture relationships are built through CDL engineered interactions and in some cases extend beyond the program through ongoing advisory roles.

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To learn more about CDL Climate or to schedule an introductory meeting with the CDL team, please contact the CDL Climate team:

Creative Destruction Lab, XPRIZE, and AirMiners announce partnership to support early-stage carbon removal startups seeking $100M XPRIZE

Funded by Elon Musk and the Musk Foundation, the $100M XPRIZE Carbon Removal is the largest, most audacious incentive prize in human history. Creative Destruction Lab and XPRIZE created the 6-week AirMiners Launchpad program to support teams or individuals accelerating their trajectory towards gigaton scale carbon removal. The program helps founders establish their team, develop business strategy, roadmap their technology, and connect to the broader carbon removal and climate network.

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“Electrification of our planet’s transport systems is a massive, global challenge and scaling hard tech solutions in battery management relies on a robust commercial model. The mentors on the CDL-Paris 2020/2021 Climate Stream embraced our big ambition and worked by our side to develop the financing, licensing, roadmaps and sales approaches that led to us securing new, industry-leading clients in 2021. We gained long-term advisors for the company and benefitted from the energy of a large community of scientists, business leaders and investors sculpting our business model into a more potent mechanism for delivering battery state estimation methods to electric cars.”

Breathe Battery Technologies

CDL-Paris Climate 2020/21

“Eliminating single-use plastic waste is a global challenge that takes resources, ambition and focused vision. Our CDL mentor group has played an integral role in developing our fundraising model and market strategy to ensure that we build a strong foundation for rapid growth. The CDL-Vancouver climate stream has given us access to world-class expertise and to an extensive network of business leaders and investors. These relationships have helped us develop the core of our business so that we can deliver on our mission to accelerate the global transition from single-use plastics to sustainable alternatives.”

Jordan MacKenzie

CTO, Bioform Solution Inc. | CDL-Vancouver Climate 2020/21

CDL Climate Webinar
Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) is a nonprofit organization that delivers an objectives-based program for massively scalable, seed-stage, science- and technology-based companies.

Applications for the 2022/23 Program Year are now open!