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CDL Minerals



Technology Focus

Technological innovation that enables supply of industrial and metallic minerals critical to society’s future

Application Deadline

July 26, 2024

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What is CDL Minerals?

CDL Minerals is a 9-month startup program offered at the UBC Sauder School of Business. Beginning in September and concluding in April, the CDL program is for early-stage companies working in the mineral exploration and mining space. This stream is for those who seek to commercialize hardware or software innovations that are enabling improvements in the efficiency, safety, productivity and sustainability of mineral exploration and the mining industry critical to society’s future.

The program includes 4 objective-setting sessions to sharpen objectives, prioritize time and resources, and help raise capital for admitted ventures.

CDL Minerals technology / industry applications

  • Advanced geophysical methods
  • Remote sensing technology
  • AI/ML driven geological analytics
  • Novel mineral processing technologies
  • Modeling and visualization, AR/VR
  • Automation and Robotics
  • Advanced sampling and ore characterization
  • Waste to value solutions e.g. carbon mineralization of tailings
  • Land and water monitoring & remediation

“In many years of leadership experience, I tried to bring the best out of the people, and CDL did the same for me. I found my best in our CDL journey with mentors who humbly listened to pH7’s story and passionately reshaped our mission to bring pH7’s ambitious vision to life. I truly recommend all new ventures in any stage to benefit from the CDL network.”

Mohammed Doost, CEO

ph7 Technologies

Who should apply to CDL Minerals?

The CDL-Vancouver Minerals stream is ideal for founders seeking objectives-based mentorship to support their commercialization journey . The stream will support ventures that are addressing a range of challenges spanning 1) ore body discovery and definition 2) mineral extraction and processing, and 3) sustainability and post-mining activities such as water stewardship, waste to value and tailings management. Solutions may be applied to greenfield or brownfield metallic and industrial mineral exploration and mining projects.

CDL Minerals seeks to support ventures by bringing together operators, entrepreneurs, investors, companies, technologists and scientists from fields related to technology innovation in mineral exploration and mining to help founders sharpen objectives, prioritize time and resources, raise capital and build networks.

Who are our CDL Mentors?

Mentors are the backbone of the Creative Destruction Lab program because they provide expert guidance for early-stage technology companies to grow and improve their probability of success. CDL brings together experienced exited entrepreneurs, world-class scientists, and active investors (VCs and angels) with early-stage technology startups to help guide companies.

CDL Minerals Alumni Companies

CDL Alumni Companies are changing the world everyday as impactful new companies that seek to enhance the commercialization of science for the betterment of humankind. Below are a few examples of companies who have graduated from across the CDL network:


To contact a representative from CDL Minerals, please send an email to, to learn more about how CDL Minerals can benefit your company. 

CDL is an objectives-based program where founders work with and learn from experienced entrepreneurs, as well as world-class scientists, economists and business students with deep subject matter expertise. Companies enter the program through a competitive application process and, if accepted, participate in a nine-month program designed to build massively scalable technology startups.

Creative Destruction Lab is a non-profit organization with a mission to enhance the commercialization of science for the betterment of humankind. There are no fees for participation and CDL does not take any equity. Learn more about the CDL program.