Gray Routes Technology

Gray Routes is a Supply Chain AI platform that leverages dynamic/real-time supply chain data, IOT sensor, weather, neighborhood granular data to predict and route around supply chain disruptions and demand patterns. We have developed novel data structure to parse, encrypt and compress location datasets that can be processed faster for insights to supply chain users in transportation, healthcare, construction, manufacturing and retail. We have served several Fortune 500 firms across 7 countries who have seen up to 40% lower projects costs, profitable growth contributing up to 30% of their overall growth. We reached profitability with 3 years and have been net profitable for 2 years and growing over 150% YoY with institutional funding, expanding globally. The supply chain of future will be centered around the neighborhood, be dynamic, highly inventory-optimized and AI-automated – we have created a mobile first scalable platform for industry players to collaborate towards this vision.