Andrew Fursman

CEO & Co-Founder, 1QBit

Role: Fellow

Site: CDL-Vancouver

Stream: Compute

Andrew Fursman is a co-founder and CEO of 1QBit. Andrew was a founding partner of Vancouver-based VC firm Minor Capital, co-founder of Satellogic Nano-Satellites (NASDAQ: SATL), and co-founder of Cloudtel Communications. In 2022, 1QBit created two separate entities. Synthesis Health Inc. focused on machine learning for healthcare, and Good Chemistry, building upon 1QBit’s advanced materials and chemistry efforts.

Andrew studied economics at the University of Waterloo and philosophy and political science at the University of British Columbia prior to post-graduate programs in technology studies at Singularity University and financial engineering at Stanford University.

On those rare occasions when he is not busy with his 1QBit duties, Andrew indulges his passion for kayaking in the Gulf Islands and explores practical applications of microbiology at a small home laboratory on Vancouver Island dedicated to experiments with Saccharomyces cerevisiae.