Bahar Sateli

Director of Advanced Analytics & AI, PwC

Role: Scientist

Site: CDL-Montreal

Stream: Artificial Intelligence

Bahar Sateli is a Director and Senior Data Scientist at PwC Canada Cloud & Data practice. She holds a doctorate in Computer Science from Concordia University and is a published author and member of several program committees at international conferences in her field of expertise. At PwC, Bahar leads a large team of software developers and data scientists who build AI solutions for the automation of tasks that typically require human’s cognitive abilities, such as reading business documents or optimizing workers’ schedules.

Prior to joining PwC, Bahar was an entrepreneur building tools that will help researchers obtain access to knowledge buried deep within scientific articles, making it accessible for the research community at no cost. She uses her prior experience to mentor early-stage startups and ‘scale-ups’ to expand their capabilities in the market. In addition to her technical skills, she is specialized in building fair and explainable AI models and helping businesses understand the ethical and regulatory implications of their use.

Bahar was recognized by Re-Work, a UK-based organization, as one of the ‘Top 30 Influential Women Advancing AI in 2019′, for her contributions to both the academic and business aspects of artificial intelligence, as well as risk-taking for being an AI entrepreneur. Recently, she was recognized as one of ‘100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics’ and ‘Women in AI to Watch’ by Forbes in 2020.