Bharath Kadaba

Angel Investor, Advisor and Coach

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Toronto

Stream: Neuro

Bharath is an innovation leader with expertise in creating global products leveraging next-generation
technologies. He has pioneered the development of novel customer-facing experiences and the application of
emerging technologies like AI/ML to deliver exceptional business results. He is a seasoned leader who has
coached teams to navigate fast-paced dynamics in both startup and large company settings. Bharath has a track
record over his career with many first to the world accomplishments in areas such as hybrid AI that blend the
best of rule-based expert systems and data-driven ML systems. As a result, he’s seen as a visionary leader and
an inspirational coach attracting, nurturing, and promoting high potential talent while delivering exceptional
results. He is valued as a thought leader, public speaker, coach, and advisor to several startups.

Bharath is currently an Advisor at several companies, including Headspace, focused on mental health, C-PLAN.IT, focused on Healthcare systems, and Roostify, focused on finTech. He is also volunteering as a Board Member at Marshmallow Minds, an NGO focused on teaching Design Thinking to children.

Until recently, Bharath was the Chief Innovation Officer and SVP of Technology Futures at Intuit. In this role,
Bharath nearly doubled the team’s size to 70 people consisting of deep product, design, engineering, and
science experts; he accomplished this by attracting and nurturing high potential talent and creating an
environment that promoted bold thinking and risk-taking. He was responsible for defining strategic and
longer-term technologies for Intuit and developing products and services to deliver delightful experiences to
customers. His initiatives included the strategy for AI/ML acceleration across Intuit and building a hybrid rule
and ML based system for personalizing QuickBooks and TurboTax experiences. Bharath also created a rich
portfolio of experiments involving technologies like: Ambient Intelligence (including conversational user
interfaces leading to QuickBooks and TurboTax Assistants), BlockChain based distributed immutable ledgers,
Behavioral Science-based nudges to improve financial decisions, and No-Code for rapidly configuring user
experiences across products.

Prior to this role, Bharath was responsible for Engineering and Operations for a 150 person team spread
worldwide, internationalizing QuickBooks for 150 countries with tax localization for 6 top markets like UK,
Australia, India, etc.

During his tenure at Intuit, he coached teams across the business to adopt an innovative mindset and helped
many of those teams win recognition for Innovation. Bharath was the Intuit CEO leadership award recipient and
a nominee for the prestigious Bill Campbell award for outstanding coaching.

Before Intuit, Bharath was SVP of Media Engineering at Yahoo!, leading a team of 400+ product developers to a
shared Content services platform for global media properties across 100+ countries, including news, finance,
sports, games, and more, serving over 100 million customers daily.

Prior to joining Yahoo, Bharath was a leader at two Silicon Valley startups; he was the CTO and President of
TriStrata, an Internet Security startup, and CTO of AristaSoft, an early cloud-based enterprise application service. He also served as GM of Application Integration Products at Siebel Systems and pioneered Internet Content services as EVP and GM at News Corporation.

Bharath’s career began at the IBM TJ Watson Research Center, where he led a team to build the world’s
first-gigabit speed routers for the NSFNET Internet backbone. Bharath has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.