Hugues Foltz

Executive Vice-President, Vooban

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Montreal

Stream: Supply Chain

Hugues Foltz has been supporting companies in the development and execution of their digital transformation for over 20 years. In 2018, he became co-owner and executive vice-president of Vooban, a firm renowned for its expertise in artificial intelligence and the development of custom software solutions.

He is recognized for his ability to tackle business issues and challenges head-on, enabling him to propose pragmatic innovation roadmaps with maximum impact. In addition to being in charge of growth strategy and business development at Vooban, Hugues Foltz is involved in several associations and organizations in Quebec’s technology and AI ecosystem.

With over 100 conferences and training courses to his credit, he has raised awareness and equipped thousands of managers across Quebec to help them make the digital shift. Hugues Foltz is also a blogger for le journal Les Affaires. His column L’intelligence artificielle, au-delà du buzzword focuses on the power of AI and its omnipresence in today’s business world.

Prior to this, he spent almost two years as Vice-President of Professional Services and Innovation at the Optel Group. He is also the founder of Ellicom, a company he started in 2002 and ran for nearly 14 years. He has surrounded himself with key players in training and technology to make Ellicom the Canadian leader in e-learning. Hugues Foltz has also been involved in a number of technology companies as an investor, director, or mentor.