Inès Holzbaur

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, AmorChem

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Montreal

Stream: Artificial Intelligence

Inès is co-Founder and Managing Partner of AmorChem. As co-founder, she contributed significantly to the conception of the fund’s innovative early-stage life sciences investment model, as well as to the development of its operations and daily activities. Her input on processes have had an important impact on the fund’s success. She was responsible for several investments and was actively involved in a major collaboration between Dr. Pascal Chartrand and Hoffman LaRoche. She also participated in the sale of an asset to Vertex Pharmaceuticals. In addition to pharma transactions, she led the spinning out of SpecificiT Pharma. Inès currently sits on the board of NuChem Therapeutics, a medicinal chemistry service provider. Her role in the lifesciences ecosystem extends beyond AmorChem: she is a member of the College of Reviewers of the Canadian Institutes for Health Research as well as a board member of the Centre québécois d’innovation en biotechnologie and of Réseau-Capital. She is also a participant on Montreal InVivo committees.

Having joined the venture capital industry in the late ‘90s as an intern in the GeneChem family of funds, she rapidly rose to General Partner. Inès holds a PhD in chemistry from the University of Cambridge.