John Mulligan

Founder & CEO, Bonum Therapeutics Inc.

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Seattle

Stream: Computational Health

John Mulligan is super interested in the intersection of technology and business models. How do you create a new technology and build a business in a way that makes sense, makes money and makes the most of the technology? How do you recruit a great team and keep them entertained? How do you ensure that your organization is efficient, effective and focused? How do you find the right partners and investors? John’s scientific expertise is in drug discovery, genetics, and molecular biology. He was an early employee, founder or co-founder at two synthetic biology companies and four drug discovery companies. As an employee at Darwin Molecular, John invented a new way to find drug targets using human genetics and co-discovered an osteoporosis drug target using this approach, which eventually led to Amgen’s Evenity™. At Glycostasis, he invented, prototyped, and sold to Eli Lilly a glucose-responsive insulin. John conceived the idea for a new class of self-regulating protein drugs and founded Good Therapeutics to develop these drugs. Roche acquired their first program for $250M upfront plus milestones in 2022. John is now the CEO of Bonum Therapeutics, a continuation of Good Therapeutics that is using the same technology to engineer conditional cytokines for applications in oncology and autoimmune disease.