Keith Driver

Partner, Propel Ventures

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Vancouver

Stream: Climate

Keith Driver may be the most unlikely person ever to be considered as a farmer. From insects to aquaculture, Keith spends his time focused on the more obscure and emerging areas of agriculture. Through his family office, Propel Ventures (formerly Driver Projects), Keith is working and investing in non-conventional, indoor and innovative agriculture with a belief that they form a healthy part of the solution for meeting the demands to feed a growing population.

He is a serial entrepreneur in the clean-tech and ag-techs spaces, with experience across North America. He has served in leadership positions in several technology companies over the past 20 years. His experience includes founding, senior marketing, and technical and management roles focused on emerging products and technologies. This has included fish farms, carbon trading, used oil re-refining, cryptocurrency mining, animal feed production, insect larvae for protein production, and fertilizer production.

Currently, Keith serves as the CEO of EarthRenew, Inc., as well as leading a number of other ag-related ventures. EarthRenew, with its subsidiary, Replenish Nutrients, is a producer and distributor of high-value organic and regenerative fertilizers. Other ventures include Rocky Mountain Shrimp Farm and AeroFodder.

Keith holds two degrees in engineering and an MBA, and has served as a sessional instructor at both of his alma maters, the University of Calgary and University of Guelph.