Ozge Yeloglu

Vice President Advanced Analytics & AI, CIBC

Role: Associate

Sites: CDL-Atlanta, CDL-Toronto

Streams: FinTech, Quantum

Ozge Yeloglu has a combined experience in large corporations, entrepreneurship and academics. She co-founded the predictive log analysis start-up, topLog, in 2013 while working towards her PhD in computer science at Dalhousie University. She understands the importance of finding the real pain points of her clients and building solutions accordingly.

Ozge has worked on several different projects on machine learning and published peer-reviewed papers. Some areas she worked on are intrusion detection using neural networks and unstructured text categorization using clustering and classification techniques.

Ozge is a life-long learner and problem solver. Her experience with switching from academia to entrepreneurship and then to large corporations has taught her how to solve real-world problems by applying her machine learning expertise and leading high-performing teams. She truly enjoys creating business opportunities for her clients and partners using technology.