Rajat Monga

Co-Founder & CEO, Inference.io

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Atlanta

Stream: FinTech

Rajat Monga is the co-founder and CEO of inference.io, an AI-based analytics platform for business productivity management. Prior to inference.io, Rajat co-founded and led TensorFlow (2014-2019), one of the world’s most influential open-source machine-learning projects and the center of Google’s efforts at scaling up deep learning. He was among the founding members of the Google Brain team (2011-2014) and is interested in pushing machine learning research towards general AI. From 2009-2011, Rajat built and led a team developing new products and ad formats for Search Ads. Before Google, as the chief architect and director of engineering at Attributor, he led the labs and operations and built out the engineering team. A veteran developer, he has worked at eBay, Infosys, and other startups.

Rajat brings a wealth of experience in product roadmap, tech architecture, and team management. His domain expertise will significantly enhance the room’s ability to support ventures building deep tech moat leveraging AI/ML.