Chris Deverell

Founder, Deverell Innovation Ventures

Role: Associate

Sites: CDL-Oxford, CDL-Toronto

Streams: Artificial Intelligence, Climate, Space

Sir Chris Deverell recently completed a 40 year career in the Armed Forces, the last 15 years of which entailed leading large organisations through constant change caused by the emergence of major new threats, budgetary pressures, and the coming of the 4th Industrial Revolution.  His successes and failures in these endeavours led him to recognise the central importance of Innovation in creating satisfied customers, enthusiastic employees, and diminished competition.

Chris founded Deverell Innovation Ventures to help complex organisations to innovate, with a particular focus on strategy and leadership in the Digital Age. He is a Venture Partner in a San Francisco Cybersecurity venture capital company, an Advisor to a New York AI business, and an External Member of the Council of Oxford University.