CDL Recovery is focused on the full stack of information-based solutions to accelerate the world’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

CDL Recovery focuses on information-based solutions. These include, for example, managerial decision-making tools based on: (1) swab-based tests that predict whether the coronavirus is present in an individual, (2) contact tracing, (3) image analysis of people density or proximity, (4) symptom monitoring, and (5) workplace monitoring of air or sewage. This list is illustrative, not exhaustive.

CDL Recovery is not focused on health solutions (e.g., treatments, vaccines) or always-on solutions (e.g., PPE, surface-coating materials). CDL Recovery is also not focused on automation that enables commerce under physical distancing (e.g., robots) or goods and services that will experience an increase in demand due to physical-distancing restrictions (e.g., home entertainment). These are important and will be included in the core CDL streams that will resume in the fall.

CDL is a non-profit organization. There are no fees for participation and CDL does not take any equity. Learn more about the CDL program.

CDL Recovery Participants


2020/21 Recovery Ventures

  • EMBER Medical
  • En Carta
  • Molecular Signatures
  • nanopathdx
  • Oncoustics Inc
  • Oxford Immune Algorithmics
  • Snap Fluidics
  • SiPhox Inc.
  • Swiftsure Innovations Inc.
  • wePool Inc

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